Retirement Travel: 2 Month RV Trip Coming Up

In just a few weeks Betty, Bailey, and I will embark on a two month, 5,000 mile satisfying retirement journey trip back east to see family in Kansas and Tennessee. Along the way we will explore areas not yet experienced during an RV trip, as well as stop by places we have visited before and liked enough to see again. At least eight new state map decals will be added to the U.S. map on the side of our rolling home.

When we return in late October, the temperatures at home will finally be more reasonable. The winter lawn will have been started and it will be time to replant all the pots for a fall and winter time of color. The outdoor dining room will again be usable for most of our lunches and dinners. Football season will be well underway, meaning family Sunday gatherings at our house for TV and meals.

While this doesn't include all our planned stops, this should give you a general idea of our upcoming adventure.

We will head east from home through New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma before heading north to Kansas. Then, we will continue southeast until reaching Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and western North Carolina before turning back toward home. A family visit in the Nashville area, then through Memphis, Little Rock, Waco, and San Antonio before a revisit to one of our favorite small towns, Fredericksburg, Texas. 

From there we head across the windy, wide open spaces of West Texas before crossing through southern New Mexico and re-entering Arizona.

I plan on continuing to blog during this trip, though probably not on the same 3 day schedule you may be used to. Postings will be a bit more sporadic. Expect lots of photos from Betty, some reactions to what we see and the highs and lows of the journey. 

Preparing the RV and the house, plus working on our packing list begins in earnest in a few days.

How much fun!

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