Will I Write a New Book....or Not?

- September 30, 2017

After all the responses to my request for feedback on writing a new book, you certainly deserve an answer. I did read every suggestion and and thought about every single suggestion. What did I decide? What does the future hold?

I am going to write a new book, but not at the expense of the blog. The third book will be a collection of previous posts, organized into chapters of interest and importance. I will not set a deadline for this project. Work will continue as I have the time and interest. I would guess it will be ready sometime early in 2018. I will publish a Kindle e-reader version first. If the response is strong enough, I will make a paperback version available on demand.

My primary focus will remain right here. The comments about the blog's immediacy and ability to build on the community we are establishing seems most exciting and important. Our world is changing quickly and the issues that affect us all really require feedback and discussion.

Look for some experimentation on content. I may begin to integrate video clips more often. If I can figure out how to produce and link a podcast about retirement to the blog, I will do that too. 

I may hire a professional web designer to help me customize parts of the blog that Google doesn't. I may even take the leap and switch to Wordpress from Blogger, as long as all the links and rankings for keyword searches  don't disappear. Realizing that anything and everything is hackable, I am backing up the full blog every 7 days so it can be restored quickly without much loss. 

The comments on I Need Your Feedback included so many excellent suggestions for post topics that I should have a steady stream of new material for the quite awhile . There were some really intriguing ideas, some of which will require you to help me with your personal stories and reactions, all of which helps us build our community of shared experiences.

So, that's the answer: a book will be forthcoming but the blog will get most of my attention. Betty assures me I can do two things at once. I trust her.

Note: I received a new book for review. While I'm not done reading it yet, I will say I am finding Prescription for a Happy Retirement right up my alley. In fact, he and I agree on so many point I almost thought  there is no need for another one from me!

The author, James Bash, has nailed it on every important point so far. I will have a review in a week or so, but invite you to check it out on Amazon. Congrats, Jim, on an excellent addition to my retirement book library.




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